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Below is a list of some of the costumes we have available.

If there is a costume you want but can’t see on the list, please get in contact and we will endeavour to assist you..

20s costume L
40s costume Lady Di costume
50s costume Lady Gaga costume
60s costume Lala costume
70s costume Lamb costume
80s costume Lauren Bacall costume
A Laverne costume
Abba costume Leprachaun costume
Abraham Lincoln costume Lion Tamer costume
Aerobics costume Little Bo Peep costume
Air Hostess costume Little Miss Muffet costume
Airline Pilot costume Lone Ranger costume
Al Capone costume Lord costume
Aladdin costume Lucky Luciano costume
Alice in Wonderland costume Luigi costume
Alien costume M
Alpine Miss costume Mad Hatter female costume
American costume Madam costume
American Indian costume Madonna costume
Angel costume Mae West Costume
Angus Young costume Mafia costume
Animal Tamer costume Magenta costume
Annie Oakley costume Magician costume
Apache costume Magnum PI costume
Ape costume Maid costume
Aphrodite costume Maid Marion costume
Arab costume Maitlins costume
Arabian Dancer costume Mama Cass costume
Arabian Sheik costume Marching Girl costume
Archilles costume Marcia Brady costume
Ariel costume Marge Simpson costume
Army costume Marie Antionette costume
Art Deco costume Marilyn Monroe costume
Asian costume Mario Brothers costume
Aussie costume Mark Anthony costume
Austin Powers costume Marlene Dietrich costume
Austrian costume Martial Arts costume
B Mary Pickford costume
Babe Ruth costume Mary Poppins costume
Baby Doll costume Mary Quant costume
Bad Jelly the Witch costume Mask costume
Ball Gown costume Masquerade costume
Ballerina costume Matador costume
Bambam costume Matrix costume
Banana costume MC Hammer costume
Band Leader costume MC Hammer costume
Bandito costume Medieval costume
Barbie costume Medusa costume
Barmaid costume Merlin costume
Barney costume Mermaid costume
Bartender costume Mexican costume
Baseball costume Mexican Peasants costume
Batgirl costume Mexican Senorita costume
Batman costume Micheal Jackson costume
Bay City Roller costume Mick Jagger costume
Bear costume Mickey Mouse costume
Beer Wench costume Military costume
Beetlejuice costume Milk Maid costume
Belly Dancer costume Minnie Mouse costume
Bette Davis costume Miranda costume
Bette Midler costume Miss American Pie costume
Betty Boop costume Miss USA costume
Betty costume Mistress of the Dark costume
Betty Grable costume Mobster costume
Biblical costume Moll costume
Billy Idol costume Monk costume
Billy the Kid costume Monkey costume
Bishop costume Morticia Adams costume
Black Angel costume Mother Christmas costume
Black Widow costume Mother Theresa costume
Blackbeard costume Moulin Rouge costume
Blondie costume Mrs Claus costume
Blue Tutu Fairy costume Ms. Claus costume
Blues Brothers costume Musketeer costume
Bo Peep costume N
Bob Dylan costume Nana Mouskouri costume
Bob Marley costume Napoleon costume
Bollywood costume Native American costume
Bonnie (Clyde) costume Naughty Nurse costume
Boogie Nights costume Naughty Schoolgirl costume
Bordello costume Navy costume
Brady Bunch costume Neil Young costume
Braveheart costume Neptune costume
Bride costume Ninja female costume
Bride of Dracula costume Nun costume
Bridget Bardot costume Nurse costume
Britney costume O
Brothel Lady costume Octoberfest costume
Bruno costume Officer costume
Buccaneer costume Olivia Newton-John costume
Buddy Holly costume Orange Suit costume
Buffalo Bill costume Outlaw costume
Bugsy Malone costume Ozzie Osborne costume
Bumble Bee costume P
Bunny Girl costume Padre costume
Bunny Rabbit costume Parlour Maid costume
Buster Keaton costume Pat Benatar costume
Butch Cassidy costume Patsy (Eddie) costume
Butler costume Paul Holmes costume
C Peasent costume
Caberet costume Pebbles costume
Caftan costume Perriot costume
Calamity Jane costume Phantom of the Opera costume
Calypso Dancer costume Pharoah costume
Camp Mother costume Pilot costume
Can Can Girl costume Pimp costume
Captain Cook costume Pink Fairy costume
Captain Hook costume Pioneer costume
Carmen Miranda costume Pippi Longstockings costume
Cat costume Pirate costume
Cat in the Hat costume Pirate Wench costume
Catholic Nun costume Pixie costume
Catholic Priest costume Playboy Bunny costume
Catwoman costume Po costume
Cavalier costume Pocahontas costume
Cave Man costume Pocahontas costume
Cave Woman costume Poisin Ivy costume
Ceasar costume Police Man costume
Charlie Chaplin costume Police Woman costume
Cheeky Hobson costume Poncho Villa costume
Cheerleader costume Pop Star costume
Chef costume Pope costume
Cher costume Popeye costume
Cherokee costume Popstar costume
Chicken costume Pregnant Bride costume
Chief – Indian costume Prehistoric costume
Chimney Sweep costume Prehistoric costume
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang costume Preist costume
Chrissy Hinde costume Prince Charming costume
Christmas costume Prince costume
Cilla Black costume Princess costume
Cinderella costume Princess Jasmine costume
Circus costume Principal costume
Civil War Southern Belle costume Priscilla Queen of the Desert costume
Cleopatra costume Prison Officer costume
Clown costume Prisoner costume
Clyde (Bonnie) costume Private costume
Constable costume Promo girl costume
Convict costume Prostitute costume
Cop costume Protester costume
Country Girl costume Pukeko costume
Court Jester costume Punk costume
Cowboy costume Pupil costume
Cowgirl costume Purple Witch costume
Crazy Horse costume Puss in Boots costumes
Crochet 60s costume Pussycat costume
Crusader costume Q
Cupcake costume Queen Bee costume
Cupid costume Queen costume
Cyndi Lauper costume Queen of Hearts costume
D Queen of the Desert costume
Dancehall costume R
Dancing Queen costume Ra costume
Danny Zuko costume Racecar Driver costume
Dark Angel costume Racecar Girl costume
Dead costume Raggedy Ann costume
Deborah Harry costume Rapunsel costume
Detective costume Rastafarian costume
Devil costume Red fairy costume
Diana costume Red Riding Hood costume
Dick Tracey costume Renaissance costume
Diner Girl costume Retro costume
Dipsy costume Rhett Butler costume
Disco costume Ring Master costume
Disney princess costume Rita Hayworth costume
Diva costume Roaring 20′s costume
Doc Holliday costume Robin Hood costume
Doll costume Rock in Roll Girl costume
Don Johnson costume Rocker 80′s costume
Doors costume Rockstar costume
Dorothy costume Rocky Horror costume
Dr Evil costume Roman costume
Dr Livingstone costume Roman gladiator costume
Dr Spock costume Romeo costume
Dracula costume Rooster costume
Druid costume Royalty costume
Duchess costume S
Duke costume Safari Hunter costume
Dusty Springfeild costume Sailor costume
E Sailor Moon costume
Easter Bunny costume Saint costume
Eddie (Patsy) costume Saloon Girl costume
Egyptian costume Sandy (Grease) costume
Eighties costume Santa costume
Elf costume Santas Helper costume
Eliza Dolittle costume Sari costume
Elizabeth Taylor costume Saturday Night Fever costume
Elvira costume Scarlet O’Hara costume
Elvis costume School Teacher costume
English Gent costume Schoolboy costume
Entertainer costume Schoolgirl costume
Eric Clapton costume Scotsman costume
Evil Lord costume Sea nymph costume
Evil Queen costume Secret Agent costume
Executioner costume Seekers costume
Explorer costume Senorita costume
F Sequin Sexy Christmas costume
Fairy Godmother costume Sergeant costume
Fallen Angel costume Servant costume
Famous costume Serving Wench costume
Farrah Fawcett costume Seventies costume
Father Christmas costume Sexy Schoolgirl costume
Father costume Sexy Witch costume
Father Time costume Shedevil costume
Fifties  costume Sheena Easton costume
Firegirl costume Sheep costume
Flamenco costume Sheriff costume
Flintstones costume Sherlock Holmes costume
Flintstones costume Shirley costume
Floral pirate costume Shirley Temple costume
Flouro Suit costume Show Girl costume
Fortune Teller costume Showgirl costume
Frank Costello costume Sid Vicious costume
Frankenstein costume Silver Angel costume
Fred Astaire costume Sinbad costume
Fred costume Sioux Indian costume
Freddy Kruger costume Sitting Bull costume
French Maid costume Sixties costume
Friar Tuck costume Skeleton costume
G Slash costume
Gangster costume Snake Charmer costume
Gangster Girl costume Snow Queen costume
Gary Cooper costume Snow White costume
Gay costume Soldier costume
Genie costume Sonny costume
German Milk Maid costume Sophia Loren costume
Geromino costume Southern Belle costume
Ghoul costume Spacegirl costume
Ginger Rogers costume Spanish lady costume
Gladiator costume Spartacus costume
Goddess costume Spider costume
Gogo Girl costume Spiderman costume
Goldilocks costume Sports Person costume
Good Fairy costume Squant Indian costume
Good Witch costume Squaw costume
Gorilla costume Star Trek costume
Goth Witch costume Star Wars  costume
Gothic lady costume Steve Irwin costume
Graduate costume Stevie Nicks costume
Grease costume Stone age costume
Great Gatsby costume Sully costume
Greek costume Sumo costume
Green Suit costume Sumo Wrestler costume
Greta Garbo costume Supergirl costume
Gretel costume Superman costume
Grim Reaper costume Swandrii Girl costume
Guns and Roses costume Swiss Girl costume
Gwenievere costume T
Gypsy costume T Bird costume
Gypsy Rose Lee costume Taco costume
H Tails – Suits costume
Haiwatha costume Tarzan costume
Hannah Montana costume Teacher costume
Harem Girl costume Teachers Pet costume
Harry Potter costume Teddy Boy costume
Hawaiian costume Teletubbies costume
Head Master costume The Joker costume
Heidi costume The King costume
Helen of Troy costume Thing 2 costume
Hercules costume Tigeress costume
Hi de hi costume Tina Turner costume
Hiawatha costume Tinkerbell costume
Hippie costume Tinman costume
Hooded gothis costume Tinman female costume
Horny Devil costume Tom Jones costume
Hugh Hefner costume Tom Selleck costume
Hula Girl costume Tooth Fairy costume
I Toy Soldier costume
Icon costume Trapeze Artist costume
Indian costume Trekkies costume
Irish Colleen costume Trinity costume
Irish costume Truly Scrumptious costume
Islander costume Tutankhamen costume
J Tuxedos costume
Jack Sparrow costume Twiggy costume
Jackie Onassis costume U
Jailbird costume Uncle Sam costume
Jamaican costume Uncle Sam female costume
Jan Brady costume Uniform costume
Jane (Tarzan) costume University Graduate costume
Janis Joplin costume USA costume
Jasmine costume V
Jean Harlow costume Valentine costume
Jess (cowgirl) costume Vampire costume
Jesse James costume Vampiress costume
Jester costume Vicar costume
Jesus costume Victorian costume
Jim Morrison costume Viking costume
Jimi Hendrix costume Vixen costume
Joan Crawford costume W
Joan Jett costume Waiter costume
John Lennon costume Waitress costume
John Travolta costume Warrior costume
John Wayne costume Warrior Princess costume
Joker costume Wednesday Adams costume
Josephine costume Wench costume
Judge costume Wendy the Good Witch costume
Judith Durham costume Western Judge costume
Judo costume White rabbit costume
Judy Garland costume Whoopee Cushion costume
Judy Jetson costume Wicked Witch costume
Juliet costume Wild Bill Hickock costume
Julius Caesar costume Wild West costume
Jungle Boy/girl costume Wilma costume
K Witch costume
Kangaroo costume Witch Doctor costume
Karate costume Wizard costume
Karen Carpenter costume Wonderland Miss costume
Katherine the Great costume Wonderwoman costume
Kill Bill costume Wyatt Earp costume
King Arthur costume X
King costume Xena costume
King Kong costume Y
King Tut costume Yellow Zoot Suit costume
Knight costume YMCA costume
Yoko Ono costume
Zoo Keeper costume
Zoot Suit costume
Zorro costume
Zsa Zsa Gabor costume

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